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Bal Anat in Belgium "From many tribes" the legacy of Jamila Salimpour

The 30th of october I was part of the show "Bal Anat" a legacy of the Salimpour School for the first time in Europe. Today's post gathers my first impressions and collects my thoughts after three intense days of rehearsals and the show.

30th october 2016 - Bruxelles.
Until tonight for me "From many tribes", was an article by Jamila Salimpour on the birth of Bal Anat, her concept and show, "born" in San Francisco in the sixties, to bring to the public, in an organic and flowing structure the polyedric world of "Middle Eastern" dances. 
From tonight on it will not be like that anymore, it will never be just a title, but a living and breathing experience,reality. It has become sharing a path, merging of different dance stories, projects and progress, held by man and women that together, on the same stage, using their diversities and experiences, have buildt a show that has talked about dance, love for this discipline, but also of commitment and dedication. 
When Maelle and Suhaila had talked about this idea during a SL2 workshop in Brussels, I thought right away that it was a once in a lifetime chance, but still it was "timely speaking" far away, through a mistical haze, more a dream than reality, something still out to reach. 
But one step at a time things have started to take a more definite shape: the first choreography to learn, the date of the show, the second choreography, the costume...
Everything fell into place, to become alive in a reality that brought us all together (35 dancers from around Europe and USA), on the stage in Brussels with Suhaila, to reiterate the vitality of this idea, this vision: Bal Anat. 
Bal Anat is a show born in a period where everything seemed possible, more free, more beautiful, and being able to keep it alive today, when everything seems marked by divisions and fear of the Other, was a challenge. 
But with the vision and commitment of Maelle and Suhaila we, dancers from two continents, came together on the stage, to represent one of the long-living legacies in the history of Bellydance. 
Today the message and the beauty of this show, for me, goes beyond the beauty of dance in itself, today this show also speaks of openess, sharing of knowledge and experiences, acceptance and welcoming of the other person, but also commitment and hard work, respect for the vision of dance of Jamila and Suhaila, but most of all respect for ourselves, for our potentiality, for our talent and capacities, respect for our dreams. 
This is what dance is for me: growth in my skills, but also in myself, because dance and life go together.
This experience, being part of Bal Anat, being in one of Her tribes, has thought me many things about myself, and it will be not only a beautiful memory, but a live and constant motivation, that shows me what we can achieve if we put ourselves out there and "be the best dancer/person that you can be"

-For the original Jamila Salimpour article
Maelle Quintart was the organizer of this amazing event

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